Rare Jack Kingston Record



I probably have the greatest collection of my father’s records and memorabilia in the world. I just scored this old 45 of my dad’s on eBay and it is autographed, how cool is that! I believe I have a copy of everything that he ever released and several releases I have multiple copies of, many autographed. I once bid several hundred bucks to get an autographed song book of his and now proudly own autographed copies of both song books, many records, and other memorabilia. Soon he will get inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame and I will donate many of these artifacts to be forever displayed there. He truly was an amazing talent and Canadian pioneer but always put family and responsibility before fame and music. The older I get the more I respect him and what he stood for. If only I could see him one more time and tell him truly how much I have grown to love and appreciate almost 20 years after his death…I miss you dad…

One thought on “Rare Jack Kingston Record

  1. Hey Bob. I can still hear your dad singing in my head. Been years since I’ve seen you. Love that u relocated to the States. Maybe one day when I grow up I’ll b in USA too. Bradley.


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